We manufacture high quality Hot Air Through Bonding Nonwoven which is used in a variety of disposable and durable end use product segments including hygiene, filtration, bedding, furniture, carpet backings, wipes and fabric softener sheets . In addition to versatility, air through bonded nonwovens feature high tensile strength and loft, bulk, absorbency and thickness, as well as lower weights.

There are several segments that use nonwovens based on Air Through Technology. Garment waddings, Interlining, insulation, baby hygiene and fem hygiene are some of the end applications. However the largest parts go in to baby diapers and fem hygiene applications.

The facility is specially designed for hygiene material production as the products will be used in top layer and acquisition & distribution (ADL) layers of baby diapers and fem hygiene products. Products will also go to other end use product segments including interlining, insulation, home furnishing and other durable applications.

The project is seen as part of Government of India initiatives of Make in India and Startup India.